Vontavius Tech Billing & Payment Policy

Vontavius Tech Support & Payment Policy Vontavius Tech Support (“we”, “us” or “Vontavius Tech Support”) provides the following information about our billing and payment policies to help clients understand the terms of payment for our various service agreements. By agreeing to any services with Vontavius Tech Support, you agree to the policies below.

Service Fees 

Project Payments
Project payments are due in two parts, 50% non-refundable retainer when the project commences and the remaining 50% due at completion & handover of the project. Payment of the final 50% indicates satisfaction with the overall project delivered; for marketing contracts, no client-led changes will be honored after this point. For web design projects, Vontavius Tech Support reserves the right not to honor revisions after this point. All contracts have a three-day right to rescind. Seventy-two hours after the first invoice is sent, whether paid or not, the entire project fee will be owed. Projects cannot be rescinded after 72 hours following the first invoice due to the resource planning, scheduling, strategizing, and opportunity costs that Vontavius Tech Support incurs when contracting a project.

Monthly Retainer Payments
Invoices for monthly retainer payments are due upon receipt. Cancellation of services requires a 30-day notice for all ongoing, month-to-month contracts. If the monthly retainer is not paid within two days of receipt of the invoice, a 1.5% late fee will be assessed on the invoice. After seven days of payment tardiness, Vontavius Tech Support reserves the right to pause all campaigns until the payment has been received. For month-to-month contracts that are cancelled without 30-days notice, Vontavius Tech Support has no liability, duty, or responsibility to refund payment for any services that the client has paid in advance (and is subsequently cancelling). Removing access to any account, including advertising platforms or accounts, forfeits any right to refund on services.

Unpaid Service or Retainer Fees Owed
Vontavius Tech Support reserves the right, when any invoice is 30 days or more unpaid, to place a “coming soon” place on your website and freeze access to any Vontavius Tech-created web pages or advertising accounts until the debt is paid in full. If your website and or accounts are put into “coming soon” mode or paused as a result of a 30-day or more late fee and you wish to continue service with Vontavius Tech Support, we reserve the right to require prepayment for all services. Prepayment requires that invoices are paid in full one week before the the payment due date.

Hosting and Maintenance Fees and Payment

Hosting and maintenance fees are to be paid monthly. All hosting and maintenance bills are due within 2 days of invoice. Vontavius Tech reserves the right to remove a site from our dedicated server if hosting fees are not paid within this 7 day period.  Clients who host their sites with Vontavius Tech and wish to migrate their sites elsewhere will incur a $250 migration fee. For website hosting, Vontavius Tech must be given at minimum 15 days notice for cancelling services.

When hosting/website management is cancelled, Vontavius Tech must gain access to your site in order to remove WP Rocket, Akismet, Updraft, and any other paid premium plugins. While we are happy to leave free plugins installed on your website, all plugins purchased by Vontavius Tech will be removed from your website.

Failure to delete paid plugins from your website before your hosting is transferred or website management services terminate will result in a $250 fine.  Should this fine not be paid within 7 business days of the invoice for the fine being received, the amount owed will begin accruing interest at 1.5% per month for the remainder of the invoice.

Our Meeting Policies

Technical Issues: In our experience Zoom via a laptop or desktop works best for holding online meetings. Clients are expected to test their Zoom access at least 30 minutes in advance if they don’t already use it regularly, and log into the Zoom meeting space at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time to handle any potential technical issues. This ensures our session time can be used efficiently. Should you experience technical or connection issues within those 10 minutes and not able to work through it via Zoom’s troubleshooting guide, please email us immediately.

Reschedules: Clients are responsible for rescheduling their appointment at least two (2) hours prior to the original scheduled time should they not be able to attend via Zoom or in person. Please contact us immediately should you want to reschedule but cannot find your confirmed appointment email.

Late Arrivals: Vontavius Tech Support reserves the right to end the meeting at the original scheduled time should a client arrive late to a scheduled meeting, via Zoom or in person. No refund will be given for late arrivals. Clients arriving 10-minutes or later to a meeting will fall under our “No Show” policy and a $50 reschedule fee will apply should the client wish to reschedule the meeting.

Cancellations & Refunds: Should a client cancel a scheduled meeting and not wish to reschedule, a $30 cancellation fee plus i if the meeting is canceled a minimum of two (2) hours or less prior to the scheduled meeting time. Meetings must be canceled by email as soon as possible since the email’s timestamp will determine if it was received in time for a refund.

Late Reschedules, Cancellations, & No-Shows: If a client reschedules or cancels within the two-hour timeframe or doesn’t show up (aka “no-show”) for the meeting via Zoom or in-person, the client forfeits any and all refund amounts. Clients will be charged an additional non-refundable $50 rescheduling fee should they wish to reschedule within the two-hour timeframe. The $50 fee must be paid prior to the rescheduled meeting time.

Strategy Review Session Follow-Up Meeting: A Strategy Review Session follow-up call (30 minutes) must be scheduled within 4 weeks (28 days) after the first call. Refunds will not be given for unscheduled or missed calls.